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NGI - Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

NGI is Norway’s largest geotechnical specialist community and we leave no stone unturned when we research and solve assignments for private and public clients both at home and abroad. Since the 1950s, NGI has been hooked on soil, rock and snow. In fact, much of our geotechnical expertise is in demand in several parts of the world – from Bhutan til Bodø. NGI offers expertise on soil, rock and snow and their effect on the environment, structures and construction.

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Nordic Infra AS

The market in Norway will be Europe’s largest for the next 25 years for infrastructure construction. The large cities will be tied together with faster and modern infrastructure and in and around the cities there will be large project to improve public communication. This applies to road, rail and light trains. At the same time, the industry in Norway is affected by all the announced global trends such as urbanization, globalization, sustainability and digitization. One action to build more infrastructure faster is that the contracts are getting larger. 5 years back in time, the largest contract was perhaps 100 million euros while it is now 400 million euros or more. The authorities are planning even larger contracts and trying out new contract models as PPP, EPC, BVP and ECI.

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Sweco Norge

Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy. Our 14,500 engineers, architects and environmental experts plan and design the communities and cities of the future. We approach small analytical assignments and major design assignments with the same high level of commitment and recognised expertise. Sweco carries out tens of thousands of assignments each year in around 70 countries across the globe. Whatever challenge you’re facing, you can count on Sweco to solve it. Sweco in Norway is a multidisciplinary consulting engineering company. The company provides a full range of consulting and design services in the domestic and international market.

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