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‍Installation of WG Tunnelsealing System in rock cavern used for storage
‍Installation of WG Tunnel Arch in Bergen Light Rail, Norway

Giertsen Tunnel is a privately owned, limited company based in Bergen, Norway. The company offers its own patented waterproofing solutions for tunnels and rock caverns worldwide. Giertsen Tunnel has a staff of professional employees that have worked in the field of waterproofing for more than 30 years.

Main Products

The WG Tunnel Sealing (WGTS) is a cost effective method to provide permanent sealing of rock walls and caverns. The WGTS is a complete waterproofing system for any caverns, shafts and other underground facilities.

The WGTS system is normally delivered and installed by Giertsen Tunnel. Alternatively Giertsen Tunnel supply the material, and the installation is a co-operation between the customer and Giertsen Tunnel’s supervision.

The WGTS combined with dehumidifier gives a controlled environment for a multipurpose use of the facility. With a controlled environment the corrosion is reduced to a minimum. The system provides a bright and dry climate.

The WGTS system can, and have been used in:

  • Waste water plants
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Subsea public road tunnels
  • Underground car parking
  • Light metro tunnels
  • Public fresh water supply
  • Sports centre
  • Military facilities
  • Storage caverns
  • Civil defence shelters
  • Technical installations, etc.

WG Tunnel Arch (WGTA) is a complete system for water leakage control for road tunnels and light metro tunnels. WGTA is a cost-effective waterproofing system.

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