A leading supplier of combination bolts

Pretec AS, a leading supplier of high quality combination bolts for rock anchoring.

Our bolts are used with an expansion shell for immediate work safety support.

The bolt is then subsequently grouted for permanent anchoring. The bolts are approved by both the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Norwegian National Rail Administration for use as a combination bolt/rock support bolt in tunnels. 3.1 certificates available for all bolts on demand.


The traditional combination bolt in Norway, the rebar bolt comes in 3 dimensions extending from M20 to M33. Minimum tensile load capacities as fully imbedded starts at 186kN for M20 and spans to 482kN for the M33. With a wide range of lengths in stock and ability to produce custom lengths NC-bolt will be a good fit for most rock security projects.

Pc-Bolt M27/15

A favorite by most builders. Our 3rd generation tube-bolt continues to assist contractors in the most demanding conditions. With its slim and robust design, it stands out as a highly efficient combination bolt. In stock as M27/15 with 186kN minimum tensile load capacities as fully imbedded and point anchored. Pc-Bolt M27/15 can also be supplied with Pc-Packer in the event of water ingress to the borehole. Other dimensions as M30, fully threaded R27/15 and R27/12 is also available.

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