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Self-drilling anchor bar

- R-32, R-38 and T-41

Self-drilling anchor bars are a drilling and fuse system for mountains rocks and soil where you drill with a mounted disposable crown, as opposed to traditional drilling with subsequent setting. The system is particularly well suited for demanding conditions with unstable mountains rocks and/or when you have to go through the soil to reach the mountains rocks. With this system you avoid collapse of boreholes which is usually a challenge for poor mountains rocks.

Pc-Bolt R27/12 G4

Pc-Bolt R27/12 G4 is a new combination bolt for the Swedish market. It will replace the existing 25 mm rebar. The Pc-Bolt is mounted in the rock with an expansion sleeve as a temporary anchor. After this, the bolt is cast in place to achieve a permanent anchor. The fact that the installation procedure takes place in two stages is the key to more efficient tunnel construction. The bolt is naturally supplied with Pc-Coat™ – a duplex system for corrosion protection.

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