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Concrete Solutions Securing Tunnels

Concrete solutions for infrastructure projects, bridges and road & rail tunnels have been our main areas of commitment for more than 40 years.

  • Tunnel lining elements made of reinforced and insulated concrete, have been installed as a protection against water, ice and fire in more than 100 road and rail tunnels.
  • Ready-mixed concrete from mobile mixing plants that can be installed at construction sites, provide optimal conditions for onsite deliveries.
  • ig-pipes, inspection chambers, manholes, cable ducts and cable pulling chambers.
Concrete Solutions Securing Tunnels
‍Concrete Solutions Securing Tunnels

Nationwide and International

Through its various branches and subsidiaries, Ølen Betong operates over 30 concrete mixing plants. Some of them are supermobile units that can be moved and erected on or near construction sites. The establishment of a plant in Russia (Murmansk) was made with a view both to local supplies and to oil and gas projects in the Barents sea.

Ølen Betong also operates a large fleet of special vehicles for the transporting of its products.

Tunnel Lining Elements

With a production capacity of 1600 square meters of tunnel linings per day, we have grown to become one of the largest manufacturers in Northern Europe, specialized for the production of elements that improve safety in road and rail tunnels. Ølen Betong also produce a wide range of custom-designed element solutions for buildings and construction purposes. Our prefab factories are situated close to harbours which make transportation by boat possible.

Mobile mixing plants

Our mixing plants are approved for supplying all types of ready-mixed concrete. Each plant comes complete with laboratory, workshop, control system, raw material silos and office. Experienced staffs cater for rigging, operation and documentation.

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