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Effera develop solutions that address the needs of local and global businesses. With international experience and several of the best professionals in a multitude of disciplines, Effera does more than just talk about changes; we are implementing them!

Effera has a leading position and a long history in the market, bringing more than 50 years of product and service history into the new effective era. We have the best ”ingredients” needed to deliver new ways of thinking and the ability to carry out a high degree of innovation. This ensures that Effera’s customers are well equipped to compete in a demanding market and be best in their class.

With the increasing demand to ”do more with less”, innovation and usages of digital solutions are essential to reach this objective. For technology to work, industry and environmental knowledge in close cooperation are critical. Technology are a tool to ensure you can perform your tasks in the most efficient and safe manner.

During your operation, we have solutions for communication, access control, ventilation, maintenance, and inspection to mention some. With all the data and knowledge generated throughout the project you will also have a tool that support a lean operation. Through data and analytics, you can make sure you capture the learnings and improve to be better the next day, on the next project to keep your competitive edge. We also continue to improve our solutions to accompany your future challenges.

Effera Insight™

  • Digital platform ensuring efficient and sustainable management of people and resources
  • High availability, automated backup and recovery
  • Software as a service
  • Zero manintenance, zero downtime
  • Access data anywhere on any device

Wifi backbone

  • Stable Wifi backbone deployment optimized for speachand data transfer
  • Rapid deployment, minimal maintenance

1. Safety

  • Personnel safety solution
  • Fire and Evacuation alarming
  • Ease management of resources bytracking location of personnel, vehicles and goods
  • Access control system (Byggekort/ID 06)
  • Active/passive RFID, Bluetooth beacons GPS and Wifi for optimized performance

2. Operation

  • Field deviation reporting using images and text
  • Perfome checklist directly on mobile device, access to instructions and equipment data
  • Dispatch tasks directly when deviations are reported
  • Dispatch alarms directly to field engineers
  • Utilize location information to ensure rapid response

3. Automation

  • Ventilation on demand
  • Monitoring and logging of toxic gasses
  • Fresh air when needed
  • Lower energy costs
  • Local, remote or automatic operation

4. Communication

  • Push-to-talk
  • Communicate freely without geographical limitations
  • No dedicated communication infrastructure
  • All the common radio features available on standard smartphones

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