Codan AS

Codan AS is a leading supplier of grouting-injection in Norway.

Codan AS is a complete supplier of hoses, couplings and injection-equipment to the Norwegian market. Hoses can be delivered as high pressure or low pressure in different material grades. We also have our own welding workshop for the production of steel-hoses. Codan AS develops and sells injection-equipment for the construction and tunnel-industry in Norway. The company was established in 1971 under the name of the Engineering Company Olav Skålvoll AS, and was situated in Oslo. Codan AS is today a part of the AEO Group. Our products are selected from well-known suppliers of high quality-products according to the latest international standards. Codan AS focuses on expertise, helpfulness and high delivery reliability. It’s a question of continual development and improvement in order to be able to show the market our solutions that both simplify and enhance the customers situation in an economical and environmentally friendly way.


Different types of packers

A packer is a device for sealing off a drill hole when you want to examine or inject a formation, either in the total length or in a part of the hole. When sealing off the hole it is possible to pump in a liquid under pressure (concrete paste or water) into any cracks. The hole is sealed off by a sleeve being expanded against the wall of the hole. The liquid is pressed down into the hole through a piping in the packer. The piping is provided with either a check valve or a stop valve.

The packer’s efficiency depends on its construction and the appearance of the formation in which the packer is placed. There are of two kinds of packers: compressible and inflatable. There are single-use packers and reusable packers and there are single packers and double packers.

Codan AS is a leading supplier of packers for groutinginjection, bolting and rock investigations. We deliver even special items after customer needs and desires.

Packers can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Compressible packers
    This packer is expanded by axial compression of the rubber sleeve.
  2. Inflatable packers
    This packer is expanded by inflation of a sleeve with liquid or gas.


Steel hoses manufactured by one of the market’s most inovative manufacturers Senior Flexonics Berghöfer.

  • Steel hoses can be supplied with standard A316Ti / 304 in various pressure glasses (others on request).
  • Working temperatures from -273˚C to + 700˚C. (Executive Order Office)
  • Compensators in DIN 15 - 2500 (larger on request).
  • Large selection in hinges, flanges and / or customer-related solutions.


Codan has years of experience in the distribution and production of finished units of steel hoses and steel compensators. The industry’s most experienced staff regarding technical calculation and advice in the use and installation of these products. A staff well integrated in installation issues as well as in product development together with manufacturers.

Welding Workshop

A staff of DNV certified welders, who have years of experience in handling steel hoses and compassers.

  • Full documentation of products, tests, procedures and welders (operators)
  • Specially developed welding procedures for steel hoses. Only in Norway performing so-called ”One Step Welding”. A process that provides optimum welding results for steel hoses.

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