From worldwide engineering and consulting to specialized tunnelling software


BABENDERERDE ENGINEERS is a worldwide engineering and consulting company specializing in underground works. We support projects involving tunnel boring machines (TBMs), whether for highly mobile pipe-jacking projects or for large- diameter traffic tunnels in challenging geological conditions. We provide expertise during all phases – from feasibility study to design and from construction to contract closure.

Extensive experience with various international projects and detailed knowledge about TBMs and other tunnel drive techniques have made us a highly-qualified project partner, able to complete critical tasks and solve problems reliably, quickly and efficiently.

We understand the hardships and needs of all parties involved.

The key to success in tunnelling is a well-selected tunnelling method – particularly for projects with difficult geological conditions or especially high demands on the equipment.

BABENDERERDE ENGINEERS supports tunnelling projects and construction companies by advising in the full selection of application technologies. We cover all areas of the tunnelling process, from individual work step optimisations to complete excavation strategies. We work for clients and contractors during the design phase and participate in ongoing projects. While we are comfortable relying on approved techniques and strategies, we are equally comfortable developing new custom-fit and well-founded solutions.

We support you in process engineering

  • with solutions for different construction methods, such as working in compressed air, conditioning for EPB drives or setting up slurry treatment plants.
  • by using risk- and settlement-reducing techniques, such as the Pressurized Steering Gap (PSG) System or the Additional Face Support System (AFS System).
  • with special solutions for tunnel linings, such as extruded concrete or a flexible stop-end shutter for optimal ringgap grouting.
  • by measuring and gathering data related to the tunnel drive.
  • to increase efficiency and process awareness adding safety and reliability to the project.


The need of efficient software for data management and excavation monitoring within BABENDERERDE ENGINEERS, resulted in the creation of the TUNNELSOFT division.

The overall goal of TUNNELSOFT is to develop tools for customers to help facilitate their day-to-day work on challenging tunnel projects. TUNNELSOFT´S main product TPC (Tunnelling Process Control) relieves the user of the burden of routine work, thus freeing up valuable time for real engineering tasks. This goal is combined with general enhancement of tunnelling safety providing the user with a clear idea of operations day in and day out, seven days a week.

TPC (Tunnelling Process Control)

TPC is the data control and monitoring solution for tunnel construction. It instantly gives anyone involved a comprehensive and detailed overview of the project. Manage and share all related data like TBM key performance indicators, status, GIS, statistics, consumption of consumables (e.g. cutting tools) and receive timely notifications on 24/7 basis with one easy and intuitive software. Working with the software is easy and highly effective. You are always fully in the picture, without major effort and expense – simply, safely and conveniently.

All relevant information at your fingertips with TPC Mobile

TPC has introduced its second generation of mobile apps in the apple and android stores. Hence, TPC can be used on smartphones. Real-time data is accessible while one is on the move. Alert messages cannot be missed, and users are well-informed anytime and anywhere. Depending on the individual user’s authorization, multiple tunnel operations can be monitored simultaneously. Zooming in on maps and pop-up diagrams or editing shift reports, can easily be handled by smartphone.

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