Route 2020

New 15 kilometers were added to the track record of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai in metro projects, particularly Dubai Metro, the first of its kind metro project without a driver in the Middle East. This reflects the insightful vision of the UAE prudent leadership thanks to its wide prospects and future ambitions which make the UAE occupies a high and recognized place among the most developed countries regionally and globally.

The AED 10.6 billion project includes the supply of 50 trains being manufactured in France; 15 trains of which for serving Expo 2020 hosted by Dubai and 35 trains for upgrading the services of Dubai Metro in general in pursuit to provide the best services to nationals and residents of the UAE as usual.

The new additions include some design changes that do not affect the main design identity of the metro, including the new designs for the handles, lighting, and locations of digital signage "VBSD". An illuminated dynamic map is allocated for the metro route and stations, using an LED power-saving lighting system, and modifications to the design of the luggage compartment to be used by standing commuters. Furthermore, improvements also cover the shape, location and number of handles inside carriages, the use of modern digital display systems, distribution of seats on the two sides of the train and increasing the width of the gangway connecting carriages. The new carriages are customized for the use of people of determination and the smooth boarding and alighting of commuters.

"Al Wugeisha Expo 2020" is the name of the Tunnel Boring Machine used in the project. Al Wugeisha can crush stones and penetrate through sandy layers or any soil components that might be encountered in the drilling process. It has a huge metal gear and carries in its front a cutting wheel with a cavity in the back. The shape of this cavity varies according to the types of drilling, land layers to be drilled, and soil type. At the back of the cavity, there are hydraulic levers that support the propulsion of the drilling.

Al Wugeisha is also an environmental-friendly machine that has no negative impact on land layers surrounding the drilling area. Moreover, the tunnels produced by the machine will have symmetrical dimensions that facilitate the construction and building works.

The work on casting the first pre-cast concrete slabs started in April 2017 while the construction works for the metro viaducts started in August 2017. All railway works of Route 2020 are due to be completed in July 2019, and the trial run of the metro will start in February 2020.

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